Supporting families during COVID lockdowns

Lockdowns are happening across Australia, at a moment’s notice, causing many industries to be paused until restrictions are eased and lockdowns are lifted.

As the economic climate and public health directives change, Domestic Payroll works with you by; staying on top of the new rules that effect domestic staff, keeping you updated on employment standards and placing your service on hold as required at no cost.

Domestic Payroll would like to acknowledge the essential and amazing work nannies, childcare workers, carers & domestic staff are providing in supporting families across Australia during these COVID times.

Please check our articles frequently for new updates and contact us at any time should you need to discuss your employer/ employee relationship needs.

For public health orders specific to your state or territory, please follow the links below.


Get help with Covid complications for nannies

Making sure you have met your Covid requirements is one of the more annoying and time consuming part of employing a nanny. Domestic Payroll can help.

We are here to help, assisting with the required payments and keeping track of legislative changes. Get in touch with us now and find out how paying the nanny can become an easy process including managing Covid.