DIY Nanny Pay Services

You can easily manage your nannies pay, with the help of Domestic Payroll’s DIY services, allowing you to  maintain control of the administration and payroll of your nannies salary and wages.

Domestic Payroll offers two options:

Nanny Pay DIY Bronze Service

For a one off fee, you will receive the following:
• Draft employment contract complying with the Miscellaneous Award and NES Standards.
• Filled in ATO PAYG registration.
• Overview of ATO, STP and superannuation compliance and due dates.
• Payslip template to government standards, including calculation of tax deductions, leave and super for the first payslip. Or we can organise the initial set up of both you and your employee on a recommended payroll program, including processing the first payslip.
• Explanation of leave entitlements and calculation of leave of accruals.
• Setting up your workers compensation insurance.
• Assistance in occupational health and safety compliance.
• Details on how to meet all end of year financial compliance.
• Advice on how to manage warnings and terminations.

Nanny Pay DIY Silver Service

All of the above, plus access to Domestic Payroll,  as an unlimited advice help desk for six months. Over the period you can access assistance to check your calculations, paperwork and answer all queries.  The idea behind the Silver service is to assist with anything different that comes up that you may not know how to process – for example terminating your nanny, processing tax, adding on a mileage allowance etc.

The cost of the Silver and Bronze service, is a one off payment of $770 and $440 (inclusive GST) respectively.

Contact Domestic Payroll to discuss these service options.
Feel that you might need more help? Then the Nanny Pay Gold service might be the service for you.

How can we help you?

Domestic Payroll provides time saving, administration support where you remain the employer (not an agency).

Employing a nanny is not difficult but can be time consuming when done correctly. With Domestic Payroll managing your administration and payroll services will improve the employment relationship between your family and the nanny of your choice.

Domestic Payroll Gold Services manages all employment regulations to ensure compliance is met on time. From the initial set up for your nanny with associated registrations and insurance, to the ongoing issuing of payroll, quarterly super and tax lodgements and annual payment summaries, Domestic Payroll takes care of everything.

Domestic Payroll DIY Services provides a tailored package and manages the initial set up of your nanny and simplifies the process so you manage the ongoing administration of your nannies payroll.

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