Why Domestic Payroll

The many advantages of Domestic Payroll services

  • We have an established over 10-year record operating solely in the domestic employment industry.
  • We offer payroll flexibility and reporting processes to fit best with you and your nanny.
  • All work is performed in Australia.
  • We understand that every family and situation is different and that a standardised automatic one size fits all approach may not be the best option for everyone.
  • We offer free human resources advice to Gold and Gold Extra clients and their employees.
  • We are across legislative changes (nationally and by state) and update clients accordingly.
  • We provide an employment contract written in line with the Miscellaneous Award, National Employment Standards and DMIRS entitlements (WA only) at no additional charge.
  • We send out newsletters to the our DIY clients, keeping them updated of change. 

 The advantage of being the employer

  • You make all the decisions.
  • You will be exempt from paying superannuation when your nanny works less than 30 hours a weeks. As this exemption only applies to the individual household employer.
  • You won’t pay any avoidable additional add on charges such as payroll tax and GST.
  • You will only pay the correct workers compensation for your state of residence and annual wages.
  • You may be able to claim the superannuation guarantee paid to your nanny as a tax deduction when your nanny works over 30hrs per week.
  • You remain in control.

The advantage of not hiring as a contractor