Coronavirus – What’s your plan B?

We have been receiving a number of enquiries relating to the ‘what ifs’ around employer/ employee relations with the current health discussions pertaining to the Coronavirus. We do understand that everyone has their own opinions and this advice is of a general nature.

Most work places have begun restricting staff can and cannot do to control the impact the virus could have to ongoing business and the health of staff. We understand that some companies have stopped interstate and international business travel as well as cancelling conferences and other face to face meetings. In the majority of these cases, business can be conducted remotely and the need for face to face contact can be avoided.

As the employer, we would advise you to work with your nannies to find a solution for the individual needs of your families and discuss what is acceptable during this time keeping in mind the government issued facts and advice relating to both employee entitlements and the outbreak break of the virus.

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness which first presents as a common cold. With everyone on high alert, it is easy to get carried away. When having a discussion and agreement with your nanny about the best ways to manage their work place should an outbreak occur, please consider the follow scenarios;

  • How sick is too sick before requesting a doctors certificate to confirm an infection?
  • What if you or your partner have a company shut down due to an outbreak in your workplace? How will this affect your nanny, what safety precautions will be made?
  • What if you or your family are infected and need to be quarantined? How will this affect your nanny, will he/she be compensated if they cannot attend their place of work?
  • What if your nanny is infected and needs to be quarantined for two-weeks? Do you have a backup care for the children? What will you require from your nanny before they can return to work?
  • Will you request for increase hand washing and washing of surfaces and door knobs to keep a clean environment?
  • Are there activities or locations you would not like your nanny to visit with the children during this time?

Below are some government webpages that we hope will help you and your nanny make informed decisions about the ongoing health and safety for yourselves, your family and your nanny

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