Changes to the Miscellaneous Award

The Miscellaneous Award recently incurred a temporary schedule amendment due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The schedule provides employees with two weeks unpaid pandemic leave and the ability to take twice as much accrued leave at half pay.

The schedule outlines;

  • Unpaid pandemic leave is available to full time, part time and casual employees
  • Does not need to be accrued
  • Paid leave does not need to be taken before accessing unpaid pandemic leave
  • Needs to be started prior to 30 June 2020
  • Unpaid leave counts as service
  • If leave is requested by employer, agreements must be in writing and agreed to by employee and records retained
  • Employees choosing to take accrued paid leave at half pay can combine annual leave, sick leave and careers leave.

Full details on the temporary amendments to the Miscellaneous Award can be found on the Fair Work Australia website.