Covid-19 Vaccinations & Nannies

As of 24 August 2021, NSW childcare workers who live in or work in LGA’s of concern are required to have their first COVID-19 vaccine by 30 August 2021.

For everyone else, the Fair Work Ombudsman ( FWO)  has released a tiered assessment for employers who wish to direct their employees to be vaccinated. It is reasonable to suggest that childcare employees (working with children under the age of 12) are classified as Tier 2, as children are vulnerable to the health impacts of coronavirus.

The FWO recommends a collaborative approach to this request, including  that employers support employees by providing leave or paid time off for employees to be vaccinated.  Vaccinations against coronavirus are not covered under NES sick leave entitlements, however employees who become sick as a side effect from the vaccination are covered by NES sick leave entitlements.

Should an employee refuse to be vaccinated, it is recommended that employers discuss the reasons why the employee doesn’t want to be vaccinated and to seek further legal advice before terminating.

Further information about vaccinations in the workplace as well as specific vaccination management throughout the states and territories can be found on the FWO website.