Maternity and Parental Leave

Employees are entitled to 12 months of unpaid parental leave when a child is born or adopted. An additional 12 months leave can be requested. Types of maternity and parental leave as well as employee eligibility can be found on the Fair Work Australia website here...

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Miscellaneous Award

The Fair Work Ombudsman has ruled that nannies and au pairs may now be covered by the Miscellaneous Award 2010  Read the full statement issued - Nannies & au pairs - employment status & award coverage Help with Award requirements to pay the nanny Making sure...

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Working With Children Checks

Source: Date:  9th November 2016 A Working with Children Check is mandatory in Australia and early childhood providers must fulfil the requirements of the state/territory they are employed in. Reputable babysitting agencies will have policies in...

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